Pedal Boats: A Cottage and Vacation Essential

Pedal Boats: A Cottage and Vacation Essential

Looking for a new activity to enjoy at the cottage? Gather your friends and family and take advantage of a sunny day to plan a pedal boat ride. It's a fun and nature-friendly way to discover new waterways. For example, you could organize a trip to introduce your kids to the joys of being on the water or go on a picnic on a small secret island that only you know about.

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Solo, duo or with the family: pedal boats for all tastes

One of the advantages of a pedal boat is that it requires practically no technical knowledge to operate. So, you can easily plan an outing alone or with others by renting the necessary equipment to enjoy a pleasant day on the water. Some models like the Monaco DLX angler are perfect for fishing enthusiasts with features specially designed for teasing fish. Those who would rather enjoy a lazy day on the water will be happy to have company in a boat that can accommodate several people, like the Rainbow DLX pedal boat with its five seats.

What could be more fun than a pedal workout?

While a stay at the cottage is usually about R&R and quality time with loved ones, it can be nice to kill two birds with one stone by turning your outing into a workout. Even though you're sitting down, pedalling will exercise your leg muscles and you'll get fit without even realizing it. So, why not replace an indoor session at the gym with an outing on the water to get moving in the great outdoors?

On the water, there’s a pedal boat for everyone

Monaco DLX pedal boat with canopy

Pedal Boat with Canopy

The MONACO DLX is the perfect boat for a peaceful tour around the lake with loved ones. With seating for five, this boat has adjustable backrests, a sturdy built-in cooler, an easy-to-deploy sunshade, cup holders and a storage compartment. Built with RAM-X material™, this boat is durable and impact-resistant, ideal for sailing with family and friends in total peace of mind.

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Pedal Boat Mooring Cover

Pedal Boat Mooring Cover

Less cleaning and more pedalling! Easy to install, the cover protects your boat from the elements. Made with a breathable, waterproof and durable material, this cover also has an elastic drawstring at the bottom for a more secure fit. It fits Pelican MONACO, RAINBOW and VOYAGE boats.

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