Pelican Bass Raider Fishing Boat Modifications

Pelican Bass Raider Fishing Boat Modifications

The BASS RAIDER 10E NXT fishing boat offers excellent stability and tracking and minimizes side-slipping. Fully equipped to help you navigate with peace of mind, this fishing boat features two comfortable folding swivel seats, a 12V electrical outlet and multiple storage compartments. With its extremely durable and impact-resistant RAM-X™ structure, the BASS RAIDER 10E NXT will last you through years of fishing adventures. The best part? It’s endlessly customizable to suit your needs.


For years, many iterations of the BASS RAIDER fishing boat have enjoyed a cult following. Enthusiasts have taken to the web, sharing blogs and videos on their unique set-ups with detailed tutorials to help other anglers replicate these customizations. Here are some favourite modifications from BASS RAIDER enthusiasts.

Trolling motor. You’re probably looking forward to buying a trolling motor as your first crucial addition to your new boat. They are ideal tools for quiet fishing, precise maneuvering, and movement. Transom trolling motors, which are mounted at the back of the boat, are ideal for smaller boats. No special skills or much time are needed to install a trolling motor on your fishing boat, and the job is easy enough that even novice anglers can tackle this mod without too much difficulty. The BASS RAIDER 10E NXT also conveniently comes pre-wired to easily connect an electric motor.

Rudder. While trolling motors are great tools, they are known for their lack of steering capabilities especially when the wind picks up. Simply adding a rudder can give you better control of your watercraft in even the windiest conditions, in addition to helping you hold a true course at most trolling speeds. A rudder also improves tracking and slow-speed turning. Most rudders only take a few minutes to install and then you’re ready to go.

Padded front casting deck. One of the best things you can add to your fishing boat is a casting deck. These elevated platforms allow you to fish from your boat without obstruction, providing room for casting and easing angler movement. When you’re not fishing, casting decks are also a great hang-out spot and are ideal for enjoying the sun. Building a casting deck is quite simple and it’s also relatively inexpensive. If you want to go the extra mile, add a little cushion by installing interlocking foam floor mats on your casting deck — it’s great for taking pressure off your knees as you fish.

Fish finder. Work smarter, not harder. There is no doubt about it, having a fish finder on your watercraft is a game-changer. The information provided by a fish finder will ultimately allow you to fish more effectively. Some fish finders even come with GPS and mapping technology that will allow you to mark your favourite fishing spots on a digital map so you can return time after time.

Insulated cooler. With all that fish you’ll be catching, you’ll need some refreshments and also a place to store your catches if you’ll be bringing some home. Pelican’s EXOCHILL cooler is both convenient and practical. It can be mounted on the back of your seat, which saves space on your fishing boat and keeps the floor clear. It also boasts a large 14 L capacity, holding the equivalent of 15 cans. It also has a front pocket with zippers on both sides and a front mesh pocket that provides storage for small items like utensils. Thanks to its 0.5-inch insulation, it keeps food and beverages cold for hours on the water.  

Flooring. While the BASS RAIDER 10E NXT is exceptionally easy to stand on and very forgiving to walk across, the grooved flooring and exceptionally durable construction can be hard on your feet.  There are many options when it comes to upgrading the flooring of your fishing boat, with carpet and EVA foam being the most popular ones. EVA foam is easy to clean and easy to maintain, and it also gives your boat a more modern and sporty look. Installing this type of flooring is very easy for the novice DIYer too. An added bonus of flooring is that it reduces noise, making you stealthier on the water as you fish.

Lights. Navigation lights are mandatory for vessels on the water at night, and they also have the benefit of making navigation easier in low visibility conditions. When it comes to adding lights to your fishing boat, LED lights are a great choice because of their efficiency, and they also don't overheat like other bulbs. It really isn’t all that difficult to add LED lighting to your boat either.

Underwater lights. This is another easy upgrade that you will love. While there is a wide variety of underwater lights, the easiest way to get underwater lights on your fishing boat is to install a drain plug underwater light. As the name suggests, this light will double as a plug and an underwater light. They are a must-have if you plan on any night fishing. With the light shining under the water, insects, plankton and baitfish gravitate toward your boat, which brings bigger fish to feed on them.

Rod holders. The BASS RAIDER 10E NXT already features two integrated rod holders, but many anglers find themselves adding extra ones in strategic places around the fishing boat for added versatility. A popular DIY option involves constructing rod holders out of PVC piping, but if that doesn’t appeal to you Pelican offers ready-made, easy-to-install options too like the Rocket Launcher rod holder.

Magnets. Securing and retrieving fishing tools, like fish hook pliers, is a breeze with strategically mounted magnets. Installing magnets is as easy as glueing them on the hull of your vessel with epoxy too, making them a quick mod anyone can undertake. 

Anchor system. The perfect accessory for those who want to moor or fish. Grappling anchors, like Pelican’s  galvanized and rust-resistant folding anchor, are compact and fold up for storage in small spaces which is perfect for small boats. 

Audio system. Some people love to listen to music while boating. If that’s something that appeals to you, mounting a Bluetooth speaker is as easy as adding an extra rod holder. For safety’s sake, opt for a waterproof speaker. While Bluetooth speakers designed for marine applications are available, ones designed for shower-use work great too.


Bass Raider 10E NXT fishing boat


The BASS RAIDER 10E NXT is a one-of-a-kind fishing boat that is equipped with just the right tools for a professional angler and is easily customizable to truly make it your own. From essentials to little luxuries, the sky’s the limit when it comes to modifying your BASS RAIDER.

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