The 7 Best Spots to Kayak in Canada and on the American East Coast

The 7 Best Spots to Kayak in Canada and on the American East Coast

Between deserted landscapes, unspoiled oases, and mountainous landscapes, Canada and the American East Coast are no strangers to exciting destinations. There are plenty of great places to go kayaking, whether with family, friends or solo.

3 best places to kayak on the American East Coast

1. Lake Champlain, for unparalleled river fishing

Halfway between Canada and the United States lies Lake Champlain in Vermont. As the sixth-largest body of freshwater on American soil, Lake Champlain is considered one of the best lakes for fishing largemouth bass, lake trout and Atlantic salmon. With its calm water and various national parks nearby, it is one of the best places to kayak to be at one with nature.

2. New York and the Adirondacks: not just mountains

For an extended stay, turn to the St. Regis area in the state of New York. The region can be easily explored as a family thanks to its accessibility, which offers a change of scenery and a natural wildlife experience. You might even catch a glimpse of bears, moose and eagles while paddling the various sections of Saranac Lake, one of the best places to kayak. 

3. Chesapeake Bay, an estuary to discover

An Algonquin word meaning "good fishing waters", the Chesapeake Bay was first known for the wide range of fish and seafood in its waters, from oysters to crabs. As the largest estuary in the United States at some 300 km long, it's likely to hold many well-kept secrets that you'll be sure to discover as you paddle along.

4 best places to kayak in Canada

4. The Ottawa River: a welcoming destination for all kayakers 

The nation's capital is home to the Ottawa River, a tributary that flows between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. This river has it all, whether you’re looking for a leisurely paddle or thrilling white water rapids. We bet you'll come to see Parliament Hill in a whole new light!

5. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: between land and sea

For the adventurous, the Cape Breton region in Nova Scotia is one kayaking destination that is well worth the detour. With its intact coastal areas, rocky cliffs, and granite coats, Cape Breton gives you the chance to paddle alongside sea caves, eagles' nests, and minks splashing around in the harbour. One of the best places to kayak in harmony with the local wildlife.

6. Sailing the clear waters of Gaspésie

For those looking for the purity and emerald colour of the South, one of the best places to kayak is the Bonaventure River in the Gaspé region of Quebec. A hotbed for salmon fishing, this river is one of the clearest in North America and is particularly suited to intermediate and advanced paddlers with its Class I and II rapids. 

7. Algonquin National Park in Ontario, perfect for beginners

If you're looking for the best places to kayak for beginners, consider a trip to neighbouring Ontario in the heart of Algonquin National Park. There are navigable routes for all levels of experience, and the only way to experience the entire park is from a watercraft.  Don't wait any longer and go exploring aboard your kayak!

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